Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

Macwheel MX1 scooter review

There are many electric scooters out there, all vying for attention. The Macwheel MX1 electric scooter claims to be better than other brands. Is this true? We’ll verify their claim by exploring MX1’s best features, performance, and limitations (if any).

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Introducing the Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

Macwheel is a relatively new brand, but it didn’t take them long to find a foothold in the electric scooter industry. Their products, like the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter, are considered among the top products in their respective categories.

The MX1 is similar to the Xiaomi Mi in design and features. Although it does have some unique qualities too - one example being its fast recharge time.

From the design stage to the showroom, the MX1 e-scooter gives the impression it was designed with the city commuter in mind. It is true that the urban commuter has certain expectations from electric scooters. Does the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter satisfy these wants and needs? Let's get into the nitty-gritty!

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter
  • Motor
    350-watt hub motor
  • Battery
    Lithium-ion battery
  • Distance
    30 km (18.6 miles)
  • Recharge Time
    4 hours
  • Speed
    25 kph (15.5 mph)
  • Load Capacity
    116 kg (256 lb)
  • Weight
    12.7 kg (28 lb)
  • Tyres
    21.5 cm (8.5”) - 2 non-pneumatic tyres
  • Extras
    • 14 degrees hill grade
    • Double braking system
    • Three-speed modes
    • Speedometer
    • 1-year limited warranty
    • headlight
    • and rear light
  • Pros
  • Easy fold design; long-range battery, and powerful motor
  • Two large, water and weather-resistant, non-pneumatic tyres
  • High hill grade
  • High weight capacity and quick charging battery
  • Three-speed modes
  • Dual braking system
  • 1-year limited warranty and 90-day extended warranty (after registration)
  • Cons
  • Short deck size
  • High price tag
  • No Bluetooth or app

Design and Portability

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter wheels

Though the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter shares some features with other electric scooter brands, it has its unique perks as well. To start, the MX1 weighs 12.7 kg (28 lb), which is slightly less than most other scooters currently available. The subtle change in weight might not be apparent during the ride, but certainly makes a difference when you fold and carry.  

While anyone can ride an e-scooter, carrying one can be difficult. Because of this, for your safety, if you're under 12 or over 65 we wouldn't recommend this scooter for you.

The maximum weight capacity of Macwheel speaks volumes about its construction and longevity. Most other brands have a weight limit of 100 kg (220 lb). The Macwheel MX1 electric scooter, which weighs less than most e-scooters, has a larger weight limit of 116 kg (256 lb).

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter design

Speed, Distance, and Battery

So how fast and how far can the Macwheel MX1 electric scooter go? The 350W hub motor gives the scooter a top speed of 25 kph (15.6 mph), which is fives time the average walking speed. The motor is also powerful enough for a smooth ride on upward slopes up to 14 degrees at any speed.

The hub motor in MX1 is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The powerful battery and efficient motor combine to give the Macwheel MX1 a range of 30 km (18.6 miles) per charge. This is the expected range and speed from the Macwheel e-scooter, but the actual performance depends on factors such as acceleration, terrain, the weight of the rider, etc. Also, bear in mind that it takes around 4 hours to fully charge a drained battery.

The Brake System

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter brakes

Most users fail to check the brake system in an electric scooter. We all love to cruise at a speed of 25 kph, but don’t forget, for your safety, the e-scooter needs to have a reliable braking system. The Macwheel electric scooter comes with two brakes: the E-ABS (electric) brake at the front and the disc brake in the rear wheel.

The brake on the handlebar engages both front and rear brakes, bringing the scooter to a smooth stop. But the brakes are powerful enough to make emergency stops doable too.

Certification and Safety

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter lights and brakes

The Macwheel MX1 is a sturdy e-scooter with high-quality electrical and battery systems. But, we couldn’t find much about certifications and safety standards adopted by the company. That said, the company does claim to use an automatic shutoff system that prevents the battery from overheating due to overuse or overcharging. Other safety features in the MX1 include a powerful headlight and rear light.

Riding experience

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter Tyres

Thanks to the scooter's design, including the handlebar's comfortable and safe grip, the MX1 is a smooth ride. The power button controls both the acceleration and the headlights. Also, pressing the button quickly toggles the speed mode. The speedometer and battery indicator sit in the middle of the handlebar for easy access while riding.

The 25 kph (15.6 mph) top speed gets you where you're going fast and the 14-degree hill grade means the scooter can handle steeper roads than other scooters, but performance drops when riding uphill (take this into account if you live in overly hilly cities).

The shock-absorbing, 21.5 cm (8.5”) non-pneumatic, airless tyres ensure a smooth ride even on slightly uneven surfaces. But the Macwheel MX1 is definitely made for urban areas and smooth roads and footpaths, so don't expect peak performance if you take this e-scooter off-road.

Macwheel MX1 Electric Scooter

Final Thoughts

The long-range battery, powerful motor, and large tyres are the main selling points of MX1. Regardless of your age, we guarantee, riding an e-scooter is fun, and the Macwheel electric scooter doesn't disappoint.

It boasts impressive features that ideally suit the urban commuter. If you are willing to overlook the high price tag and the short deck size, then the Macwheel MX1 is the e-scooter for you.

The Macwheel MX1 electric scooter earns its overall rating of 8.9/10.

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