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Swagtron Pro T1 Review

The Swagtron Pro T1 hoverboard is our favourite city commuter from the Swagtron brand. It's stylish, fast, and durable.

Swagtron is arguably the brand that introduced the world to the 'hoverboard' in the last decade - primarily through celebrity endorsements.

Though they have never actually hovered (that we know of), the term 'hoverboard' has been regularly used for these self-balancing scooters. Of course, film buffs will know that the term became widely known after the hit film Back to the Future II. The film featured an actual hovering skateboard! I digress...

Since helping establish the hoverboard market, the Swagtron brand has remained one of the heavy hitters.

It's a company that has the technical experience and marketplace know-how to build good hoverboards that people want - this is not something to overlook.

So what does the Swagtron Pro T1 hoverboard have to offer?

Well for starters, it offers a proven safety record, a smooth ride and a high weight limit - for us heavier riders.

Add to this the impressive 30-degree climb angle and affordable price, and you have a self-balancing scooter that's definitely worth a look at.

Let's find out more about the piece of tech that helped define the last decade (according to AOL).

  • Motor
    250- Watt motor
  • Battery
  • Distance
    17.7 km (11 miles)
  • Recharge Time
    2 Hours
  • Speed
    12.8 kph (8 mph)
  • Load Capacity
    100 kg (220 lb)
  • Weight
    10 kg (22 lb)
  • Tyres
    16.5 cm (6.5") hard rubber tyres
  • Extras
    • LED headlights
    • Self-Balancing Mode
    • UL 2272 safety certified
  • Pros
  • High weight limit - 100 kg (220 lb)
  • Can climb 30-degree inclines
  • Fully charge battery in 2 hours or less
  • UL 2272 safety certified
  • Affordable price
  • Cons
  • 12.8 kph (8 mph) top speed less than expected
  • Battery gauge can be inaccurate
  • No Bluetooth

Design and Portability

For hoverboards, design plays a crucial role in portability. They are like two peas in a very powerful pod. And in response, the Swagtron Pro T1 is designed with a sturdy ABS casing. For those who drooled through chemistry class, you'll be glad to know that ABS stands for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.

While ABS might not be the most robust material around, it's decent enough to prevent your hoverboard from shattering in the event of an accident. Which is great, especially if it's your first time riding the rodeo!

Onto the tyres, and the Pro T1 employs aluminium rims encased with hardened rubber.

This makes them relatively light, but at the expense of portability because you won't be able to travel on rocky ground…or grass for that matter!

When the sun sets, you don’t have to fret about hovering blindly in the dark. Equipped with quality LED headlights, the Pro T1 ensures you have a well-illuminated path to your destination.

Another excellent feature of the Swagtron Pro T1 is its silicone gel coating, and the Sentry-Shield Aluminium alloy casing on the mainboard and battery, respectively. These protective casings are put in place to prevent overheating, a common problem facing most hoverboards.

Speed, Distance and Battery

The Pro T1 is certainly no Ferrari (*sigh*),  but it does hold its own in the speed department. For one, its equipped with a lithium-ion battery together with a 300-watt motor that propels it at 12.8 kph (8 mph) top speed. That said, it's important to note that speed is affected by factors such as weight and terrain. So 12.8 kph (8 mph)  is not guaranteed.

When it comes to battery life, the Pro T1 does reasonably well. When fully charged, it can travel up to 18 km (11.2 miles). But just like speed, battery life is at the mercy of your weight, the weather, and the terrain that you're hovering over.

Brake System

A fundamental feature when it comes to safety concerning hoverboards is the brake system.

Does the Swagtron Pro T1 come with an efficient brake system?
The answer is a definitive yes!

For one, the hoverboard automatically inclines to 30-degrees whenever you start climbing a hill.

Such an incline ensures your centre of gravity is lowered so that you don't lose your balance.

The incline also slows down your speed once you start ascending the slope. This is to avoid flying off the hoverboard!

The Pro T1 is also built with Swagtron Safe Stop technology. This is an advanced braking system that works whenever the battery is about to die.

For example, if you were going at the hoverboard's top speed and the battery suddenly died, the hoverboard wouldn't come to a sudden stop, as you might expect.

Instead, it would gradually slow down before coming to a halt. Such a braking system prevents you from violently being hurled off the hoverboard and sustaining injuries.


To guarantee the safety of customers, the Swagtron Pro T1 has two main certifications under its belt. The UL-2272 and UL-2271 certifications.

UL-2271 is a certification declaring that the device's battery has been thoroughly tested to meet the required standards. As for the UL-2272, a recently added certification, it states that both the motor system and the battery have been tested to the required standards. 

Riding experience

One of the remarkable features of the Swagtron Pro T1 is its selection of riding modes.

If you're a learner, for example, you can opt for the learning mode, which is essential for beginners. It regulates the board's high speed so that you don't suddenly find yourself at 8mph and then topple over!

Then there's the standard mode. Here, you've got the freedom to sample the full riding experience. You can reach top speed, and enjoy total cruise control as you navigate the streets!

If you want to switch between the modes, simply press down the power button for up to 3 seconds, and the Pro T1 will adjust accordingly.

But let’s not forget the third and final mode, the Self-Balancing mode. This feature is automatically activated whenever you power on the hoverboard and place one foot on the board’s rubber padding.

Our Verdict

If you’re buying your first hoverboard, the Swagtron Pro T1 is one of the best options. It's affordable and engineered to help you cut the learning curve fast.

Overall, a 7/10 for this hoverboard.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the Swagtron Pro T1, the emphasis is on safety. Indeed, the device comes with high-end safety mechanisms such as Safe Stop tech, Sentry-Shield battery protection, and Battery Management System.

The ability to switch riding modes also makes it a great choice for both kids and adults to enjoy.

The average range for the Swagtron Pro T1 is 18 km (11.2 miles), and it can reach a top speed of 12.8 kph (8 mph), meaning that it's a decent device to consider in both the speed and battery department.

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