Electric hoverboards

Electric hoverboards, or self-balancing electric scooters, have gained notoriety in recent years. And no longer are they fun novelty items. They are actually useful, functioning commuting vehicles.

History of electric hoverboards

First appearing in 2013, electric hoverboards were first picked up by kids and teens, but they’ve come a long way since then. In most cities, you can now see people commuting on these futuristic pieces of tech.

Why are self-balancing scooters becoming more popular?

Simply put, they’ve recovered from their initial teething problems and companies have rolled out some quality, long-lasting hoverboards.

Electric hoverboards are environmentally friendly

Since global warming isn’t slowing down and traffic is a nightmare, people have started looking for alternative solutions for getting around. Electric self-balancing scooters solve both these problems.

Electric hoverboards are fun!

On top of this, the riding experience is fun! And it’s not only children and teenagers that think so. Adults are buying more hoverboards for themselves than ever before.

Our favourite electric hoverboards

Here are some of our favourite hoverboards along with up-to-date information, and their specs and features.

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