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The XPRIT hoverboard is one of the more highly rated self-balancing scooters. But why?

First off, it's advertised as ideal for beginners and kids (aged 7 and up). Why? It's easy to learn how to ride and has a limited max speed and load capacity, 9.6 kph (6 mph) and 75 kg (165 lb) respectively.

We've found that more experienced riders love the XPRIT too - which is rare for a budget hoverboard.

What makes the XPRIT stand out are the little extras.

It has a decent Bluetooth speaker so you can blast your favourite tunes on the move.

It's also available in various colours and has LED lights to add some bling.

Not impressed yet?
Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of the XPRIT to see if it's the right hoverboard for you.

Introducing the XPRIT self-balancing scooter

XPRIT hoverboard
  • Motor
    350W dual motors
  • Battery
    36V Lithium ion battery
  • Distance
    9.6 km (6 miles)
  • Recharge Time
    2-3 hours
  • Speed
    9.6 kph (6 mph)
  • Load Capacity
    75 kg (165 lb)
  • Weight
    8.6 kg (19 lb)
  • Tyres
    16.5 cm (6.5”) solid rubber wheels
  • Extras
    • LED flash wheels
    • Bluetooth speakers
    • Available in 6 colours
    • Gyroscope foot sensors
    • Anti-slip rubber footpads
  • Pros
  • Fast charging battery (2-3 hours)
  • Anti-slip rubber tyres
  • Vibrant LED lights
  • Built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Available in various colours
  • UL 2272 certified
  • Cons
  • Not completely waterproof
  • Limited load capacity

Design and Portability

The XPRIT hoverboard is a great way of getting around – perfect for the lighter members of the family (see load capacity in specs). And it really is designed so that anyone can pick it up and ride - no training is required.

It’s designed using high-quality components following the best industry standards.

The board comes in five different matte colours and one glossy multi-colour option: White, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Camo. Kids especially love the colours – and even adults appreciate some personalisation.

The board weighs just 8.5 kg (19 lb), so even a 7-year-old can carry it around. On first look, you’ll notice the board’s quality. We’re not saying it’s perfect, but the XPRIT is a quality product.

Speed, Distance, and Battery

The XPRIT hoverboard appeals to different people in different ways. For kids and teenagers, it’s a source of adventure; for adults it’s fun and great for short commutes. The decent top speed and long-lasting battery provide an enjoyable ride from a well-made hoverboard.

The dual motors generate enough power to carry riders weighing up to 75 kg (165 lb). The makers stipulate a minimum weight limit of 20.4 kg (45 lb).

The XPRIT board has a maximum speed of 9.6 kph (6 mph); more than adequate for kids and adults – though relatively slow compared to other hoverboards. The battery takes 2-3 hours to fully charge and produces enough juice for a 45-75 minute commute – around 9.6 km (6 miles).

The solid 16.5 cm (6.5”) rubber wheels on the board can handle most surface types. The firm rubber tyres can deal with cracks and small bumps on the road quite easily.

The anti-slip wheels and powerful motors ensure the board effortlessly copes with inclines up to 15 degrees.

The board claims to have anti-slip wheels, but we recommend avoiding wet surfaces.

XPRIT hoverboard deck

The Brake System

The XPRIT Hoverboard uses the regenerative braking system, like most other electric rideables. It’s worth pointing out that the braking system in hoverboards has come a long way since the first hoverboards were released. As a result, parents are more comfortable buying them for their kids.

As with every hoverboard, simply lean back to engage the brake system and slow down. Braking is fairly smooth, and once you come to a stop the stabilisers make it easy to get off the board without embarrassing yourself.

Certification and Safety

It seems that safety is paramount to the makers of the XPRIT Hoverboard. The board has been tested rigorously. It is even UL 2272 safety certified.

Mounting, dismounting, and balancing the hoverboard is safe and easy due to the use of improved self-balancing technology. The XPRIT delivers a secure and stable ride for all types of riders.

The LED lights in the wheels and at the front of the board help you see where you’re going in low light and also help you stand out to others.

The lights also make the board look cool – and that’s not a bad added bonus.

Another fun feature is the entertaining built-in Bluetooth speaker to play music from your phone.

Riding Experience

XPRIT hoverboard demo

Using the hoverboard couldn’t be easier. Even first time hoverboard uses will quickly adjust to riding the XPRIT. No training is needed, just jump on and you’re away.

It’s a simple hoverboard to learn on and gain confidence. This makes it ideal for kids or inexperienced people who may be a little nervous about their first hoverboard experience. The XPRIT Hoverboard can be used by the whole family.

We could argue that XPRIT added the colourful LED lights on the wheels to attract youngsters, but the board is doing well in the adult market too. It’s visually pleasing, but the novelty lights can wear off over time.

The XPRIT Hoverboard isn’t the fastest and it doesn’t have the longest range. Its top speed of 9.6 kph (6 mph) is twice the average walking speed, but a little slow for a hoverboard. Having said this, the hoverboard isn’t built to go fast, but to take someone from point A to point B safely. XPRIT is a fine board for a pleasure ride too.

On paved roads, the board performs as good as any other hoverboard. The XPRIT also handles the slopes - both up and down - with relative ease. The motors generate enough power to effectively climb an angle of 15 degrees.

XPRIT hoverboard front

Our Verdict

If you've read this review and are happy with what the XPRIT can offer, you won't be disappointed. This self-balancing scooter isn't designed to thrill with great speed or range. It packs the right punch to attract hoverboard riders of all ages and experience.

The XPRIT Hoverboard has a few shortcomings. Even so, the hoverboard has surpassed our expectations.

Why do we like XPRIT Hoverboard?

A combination of things.

Many users find the XPRIT Hoverboard to be aesthetically pleasing. Equally impressive is the design and high-quality materials used to construct the board. The large, anti-slip footpads and UL2272 certification provide safety and security.

Performance-wise there isn’t much to complain about. The motors and battery in the XPRIT Hoverboard deliver decent speed and range – enough for short commutes.

The XPRIT is for kids and adults, but there is a catch. The makers have suggested a minimum and maximum weight range for the board – so buyer beware.

The hoverboard has a maximum load capacity of only 75 kg (165 lb). In addition, it’s not advisable to use the board on wet and rough (unpaved) surfaces.

What the XPRIT Hoverboard lacks in speed, range, and few other features and functions, the board makes up for in looks, performance, and unbeatable price.

Our XPRIT Hoverboard rating: 8.4/10

Final Thoughts

It’s the price that makes buying the XPRIT Hoverboard such an attractive product.

Sure, you will have to make some compromises; ready to settle for just the essentials without features found in high-end, expensive hoverboards. Nonetheless, in terms of quality, performance, and overall enjoyment; the XPRIT is one of the best hoverboards available.

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