SISIGAD Hoverboard

SISIGAD self-balancing scooter review

The SISIGAD Hoverboard is a premium self-balancing scooter with an affordable price. It's also arguably one of the best electric hoverboards on the market right now.

Of course, all big claims require sufficient evidence, so we are going to examine what makes the SISIGAD a premium hoverboard.

We will take you through the hoverboard’s performance on different surfaces, as well as it’s highlights, lowlights, and everything in between.

  • Motor
    300-watt dual motors
  • Battery
    36 V/2.0Ah Lithium-ion Battery
  • Distance
    15 km (9.3 miles)
  • Recharge Time
    3-5 hours
  • Speed
    14.5 kph (9 mph)
  • Load Capacity
    118 kg (260 lb)
  • Weight
    8.4 kg (18.5 lb)
  • Tyres
    16.5 cm (6.5”) vacuum tyres
  • Extras
    • LED lights
    • UL2272 safety certified
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • Built-in wireless speakers
    • 10-degree climb angle
  • Pros
  • Modern look and available in multiple colours
  • Solid construction and quality design
  • Great performance
  • High load limit (118 kg / 260 lb)
  • Long-lasting battery and UL2272 safety certification
  • Easy to ride - even for beginners
  • Standard price
  • Cons
  • Not waterproof
  • Bluetooth speakers, but the sound quality could be better
  • No mobile app to review hoverboard stats

Design and Portability

At 8.4 kg (18.5 lb), the SISIGAD Hoverboard is not heavy for an electric rideable. But when you lift it you can feel that it is solid.

Its design and various colours attract youngsters and adults alike. For this reason, and its high-quality materials, it stands out among other boards in its price range.

It can carry riders weighing up to 118 kg (260 lb), one of the highest load capacities we have seen from a self-balancing scooter. This allows a wider range of people, both in terms of age and height, compared to the Segway MiniPro.

As an added bonus, the SISIGAD hoverboard also features an inbuilt speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. From your mobile, connect to the hoverboard speaker via Bluetooth to play your favourite music as you go.

It's everything you'd expect from a self-balancing scooter, but with a little bit more. Arguably its unique selling point is its range of colours.

Speed, Distance, and Battery

Thanks to its dual 300-watt motors, the hoverboard has a top speed of 14.5 kph (9 mph). Which is more than enough to climb inclines of around 10 degrees. Also, dual motors give the SISIGAD Hoverboard an impressive weight limit of 118 kg (260 lb). So it's good for both children and adults.

The board's fast-charging battery gives you a ride distance of up to around 15 km (9.3 miles), depending on the surface and slope.

The use of a state of the art motherboard (among other tech) and the hoverboard’s battery system increase its range. From full charge, the SISIGAD Hoverboard delivers an impressive ride time of just over 1 hour.

Certification and Safety

The SISIGAD hoverboard is manufactured and shipped from the USA and is UL 2272 safety certified. The battery and electronics have been tested extensively and found to be of the highest quality. The product is trustworthy and safe to use.

The use of the latest and most innovative self-balancing technology and non-slip foot pads adds to the safety of the hoverboard. SISIGAD is the ideal hoverboard for beginners. Getting on, balancing, riding, and getting off is intuitive and easy for anyone to pick up.

Want more safety? There are LED lights on the wheel arches as well as headlights on the front and turn signals on the back. So even in the dark riders will be visible. The LED lights are not only bright but colourful and attractive too.

Riding Experience

Riding on rough surfaces is made more comfortable due to the high-quality 16.5 cm (6.5”) vacuum tyres. The powerful motors and high-quality rubber tyres deliver a smooth riding experience. Navigating over cracks, dirt, and bumps is not a problem.

The SISIGAD Hoverboard is ready to go right out of the box. Both the pro hoverboard riders and the inexperienced will appreciate the self-balancing technology. It's simple and intuitive to put first-time riders at ease.

The hoverboard’s performance on a variety of surfaces is very good. SISIGAD performs well on paved surfaces and handles itself well on uneven surfaces too.

The board has a decent top speed of 14.5 kph (9 mph). That's three times the average walking speed. But don't worry, it's not so fast that it's scary. A fully charged SISIGAD Hoverboard allows for around 15 km (9.3 miles) of riding.

Our Verdict

There are very few negatives to the SISIGAD Hoverboard. It all depends on the user’s requirements – what do you want from a self-balancing scooter? If you’re willing to forfeit some high-end features to save some money, then this is probably the hoverboard for you.

In terms of power, speed, stability, and performance on the road, the SISIGAD Hoverboard performs very well. SISIGAD is as good as, or better than, any other hoverboard in its price category.

How can the SISIGAD be improved?

We think the SISIGAD would have been a better product without the wireless speaker. The speaker quality is average at best and we'd much prefer to have a mobile app to see performance stats or something similar.

Our overall Rating for the SISIGAD Hoverboard: 8.6/10

Final Thoughts

So should you buy the SISIGAD Hoverboard?

It’s a good stand-alone hoverboard, and it does a hoverboard’s primary function very well. This is what makes it a premium hoverboard.

If you can overlook issues like poor speakers, lack of a mobile app for stats, and no waterproofing, then we think it’s worth buying.

The SISIGAD’s price tag makes it very appealing. And it has an impressive performance given its price.

Considering what it has to offer, the SISIGAD Hoverboard is the affordable self-balancing scooter many have been waiting for. It’s fun, good looking, and affordable.

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